Gear and Garb: The Grown-up Backpack

Gear and Garb: The Grown-up Backpack

Gents, the age of the grown-up backpack is here. In an era of freelancers, laid back offices and relaxed dress codes - not every guy out there needs a briefcase. Or maybe you’re spending the weekend around town and don’t want to schlep a tote around all day, or feel lopsided from a messenger bag.

Backpacks free up your hands, and generally hold more than the average briefcase - and they don’t have to make you look like you just got off a yellow school bus. Take a look a few handsome options below.



The Around Town Option

Everlane Modern Commuter Backpack - $68

Seriously, what’s not to like here? Three classic colorways, modern silhouette and clean lines - and all for $68 - thank’s to Everlane’s transparent pricing program.



For the Design Nerd / Astronaut in Training

Tessel Supply Jetpack 2.0 - $140

Tessel’s unique faceted panel system not only looks sharp as hell, but is lightweight and keeps your gear safe. The airmesh back panelling keeps you cool, while the interior is decked out with specialty pockets for a tablet, a laptop, and anything else you might need to bring to the ISS - or office.



The Outdoorsy Option

Filson Ranger Pack - $175

Filson has always perfectly balanced form and function, offering rugged goods that look good and stand up to the elements. The Ranger pack is no exception, conveying classic adventure sensibilities, without making you look like you just summited Everest or drowning you in buckles.




For the Cyclist

Mission Workshop Sanction - $205

Founded in San Francisco by biking fiends - Mission Workshop has been cranking out quality goods for the urban cyclist since 2009. Their Sanction pack is the embodiment of that goal, made with a weatherproof materials, military grade specs, and a lifetime guarantee. It’s also the “middle child” of their pack options, the Fraction being a slightly more compact version, and the Fitzroy as the monster older brother - twice the size of the Sanction.




Looks Better With Age (aka - the Jeff Goldblum option)

Whipping Post Roll-Top Backpack - $225

What better way to convey handsome ruggedness than an all leather rolltop bag? Made in Atlanta out of vegetable tanned leather, this pack offers side pockets and a zippered internal compartment and is sure to develop a unique patina after years of use.




The High Roller

Joshu+Vela Zip Backpack - $328

Yes, $328 is a lot to pay for a backpack - but hell, this canvas and leather pack looks sharp and is made in San Francisco and you can even visit their tradeshop and watch their goods get constructed.  Like the look but not the price tag? Shop around Joshu+Vela’s site - they make a ton of great items.



All photographs courtesy of the respective brands



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