The Salty Donut

Art Basel wasn’t the only event happening in Miami last weekend. Artisinal donut heroes The Salty Donut opened their long-awaited brick and mortar in Wynwood Friday night.

Kay and I have been long time fans of The Salty Donut, which started as a tiny pop-up trailer back in 2015. Focusing on chef-made, small-batch, high craft donuts, their wares are not to be missed. Their new shop is across the street from their old pop-up spot in the Wynwood Arcade.

Aside from the obvious benefits of a brick and mortar (air conditioning is an amazing thing, especially when you’re waiting in line - outside -  in south Florida), they also have expanded their coffee program - rotating out different origins and blends all helmed by top-notch baristas.


Given our love for both coffee and donuts - we excitedly made our way to Wynwood Saturday morning. As if a new space and a new coffee program weren’t enough… there were a multitude of new flavors to try out!

The "just point" menu

The "just point" menu

The inimitable Maple Bacon

Green Apples and Cinnamon

Brioche donut with granny smith apple pie filling, coated in cinnamon sugar and oat streusel - arguably better than classic apple pie.

Baked Cookies and Creme

What’s better than an oreo? A homemade “oreo” butter cream atop a baked chocolate cake donut, complete with dark chocolate chips

Despite the lovely ambience of the new shop, we took our donuts “to go” and ate them in the quiet courtyard, just 50 feet away.

Congrats to the Salty Donut Team, and we look forward to trying out many more treats to come!

CHOMP! #BensBigBites

CHOMP! #BensBigBites