Gear and Garb: A Better Carry On

Gear and Garb: A Better Carry On

Summer is upon us once again, and if we're lucky - that means summer getaways.

With vacation within sight and Holiday travel not-too-far-off, it's time to retire that battered old bag and replace it with one that's just as handsome and refined as your wardrobe. Why not invest in one that can look sharp and take a beating year after year? Whether you call them duffels, hold-alls, or weekenders - they're imperative to getting your stuff to wherever you're headed.

Travel is always equal parts planning and spontaneity - pick up one of the bags below and be ready the next time adventure (or business) beckons.


Keep It Simple

The Everlane Twill Weekender - $98

Classic and clean, made with water resistant cotton and designed to fit in any overhead bin. No shoulder strap, but the handles are long enough to fit over your shoulder with the bag tucked under your arm. What more do you need?


The Classic

United By Blue - Mt Drew Duffel $228

Timeless look, timeless materials. This bag would have be equally at home slung over Cary Grant's shoulder and in Daniel Craig's trunk. A little larger than the rest (24x15x11"), so it might be a tight squeeze in a smaller overhead bin, but offers more capacity for longer getaways.


The Indestructible Option

Best Made Co - The Bonded Duffel $198

Hard on your gear? Heading to far flung corners of the globe? Then this is your bag. First off, you cant go wrong picking up anything from Best Made - let alone this waterproof, rugged, American-made duffel.


Looks Better With Age

The Whipping Post - Weekender $350

Hard to argue with a 100% leather duffel bag. Worth the high price tag knowing this bag will last you a lifetime and get better looking the more you use it.




The High Roller

Mismo MS Supply - $650

This handsome Danish number is built of water resistant Italian cotton and leather. Unlike a traditional duffel, this one offers a full opening to the interior, allowing for easier access and tighter packing. Additional pockets, shoulder-length handles and flawless construction make this one a top choice.


The Only Rolling Case You'll Ever Need

Away Luggage - $2250-250

Not too keen on duffels or soft luggage? Look no further than Away. 

These newcomers to the luggage scene are setting the new standard with lightweight, durable cases - complete with removable laundry bag and a USB charging port with enough juice to charge your devices five (yes five) times over. Netflix and layover anyone?

Away offers a lifetime guarantee and 100 day risk-free trial for every case. Available in multiple colors and sizes (currently with two carry-on sizes).


All photos courtesy of their respective brands

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